For students

Providing affordable, quality student lets
Prices start from £85 a week
Straightforward! And, full-time students do not pay Council Tax.

The rent includes water rates, gas, electricity and broadband WiFi Internet.

Tenancy agreements are for 1 year.

Weekly rents start at £85 per week (£340 per month) from 1st September.

Paid in 3 instalments for 17, 15, and 11 weeks.

September – January.

January – April.

April – July.

Getting started
If there might be a problem with being able to pay rents, and at any time, we are ready to discuss adjusting payment times and dates.

Payable 1st September:

£85 x 17 weeks = £1,445.

Payable 1st January:

£85 x 15 weeks = £1,275.

Payable 1st April:

£85 x 11 weeks = £935.

Tenancy agreement

There is no deposit…

During the summer term, 1st July – to – 1st September (9 weeks) – only £350 (£39 per week) is payable.

This £350 is payable when the tenancy agreement is signed.